Inbound Call Centre

The cloud-based inbound call center offers ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and chat server. It strictly obeys the PCI DSS standard, and the service quality is guaranteed by leading public cloud provider offering high performance and high accessibility in North America.


Use Case

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High Scalability

A tourism company normally hires 20 phone agents during the high season to serve call in customers, while during the low season it only hires 5. With FreeRamble cloud call center, it can subscribe 20 users licenses for inbound call center during high season, and can reduce the subscription to 5 licenses during low season. The tourism company does not need to invest any contact center infrastructure other than PCs with browser. They can focus all cost to their agent training and hiring, and no need for IT engineer to support the call center.

AI Integration

A bank can use FreeRamble's Smart IVR AI service to recognize call-in customer’s phone number, name and card number. The Smart IVR connects to bank’s database to get the customer’s information such as transactions, balance and so on.

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You Say

We will help you to build an inbound call center integrating with the Smart IVR driven by artificial intelligence technique, and guarantee a high cost-efficiency business machine.

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Chief Executive Officer

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