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- The best auto texting app with eCards

The Pro version has added eCards that you can use to schedule events such as birthday wishes, holiday greetings, the ability to upload your own eCards, and much more! It also includes preset text messages to allow you to quickly schedule messages to your friends, family, bosses or coworkers. 

Another enhanced feature of the pro version is that it allows you to schedule as many images as you would like in a single message, rather than limiting you to 1 image per message. This will allow you to send separated pictures in one message, for example you could send an invitation to a party, and directions how to get there, within one message. 

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Personal Uses

Some great potential personal uses for the pro version include: 

  • Sending greeting cards to friends and family on important dates. We offer card for events such as graduations, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries and more! Using AutoSender Pro you can schedule eCards to be automatically sent on these days, so you never have to worry about missing an important date.

  • Scheduling holiday greetings. Holidays are a busy time for many of us, and it is easy to let a few things slip through the crack.

  • Show your loved ones how much they mean to you by scheduling romantic e-Cards! Send your partner the gift of love by having them wake up to a good morning love greeting.

Professional Uses

For professional it offers uses such as: 

  • Sending promotions or advertisements to your clients. With the ability to create different groups and schedule a message and as many images as you would like to send to these groups, AutoSender Pro works as an incredible Customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

  • Quickly reach out to clients to arrange or confirm meetings. With our preset text templates you can arrange a meeting with your customers in minutes!

  • Never worry about forgetting important deadlines as you can schedule your messages to to be sent at the exact moment you want it to be.

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User friendly interface
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Use Case

Easy to Use

Simple to Use

AutoSender Pro is an easy to use text messenger app that allows you to quickly schedule messages to automatically send at any future date. This is very convenient for anyone who often finds them self-forgetting to send important message for any time sensitive situation. It can also be a great app for parents to use as a kids messenger as it can allow you to send reminders throughout the day, so they do not risk forgetting anything important. This could be used for reminding them things such as not forgetting to eat their lunch, not forgetting any homework they might have after school, etc. It also offers a simple UI that makes it accessible for people of all ages. The built-in e-card and text template make all of these super easy and fast.

Reliable Delivery

The AutoSender Pro offers 99.99% reliable and on-time delivery for your important messages. We store the messages on a cloud-based server until it is time for them to be sent. The server then sends the delayed text message automatically to the recipient chosen, this means even if your phone is off the message will still send. You can purchase credits to send scheduled text & picture messages through the in-app store purchases or earn free credits by referring your friends to install and sign up for AutoSender, as you will both get free credits. If you do not feel like purchasing credits, you can use our free local remind feature to receive a reminder on your phone when it is time to send your SMS or MMS. The app allows multiple attachments, which still enjoys the same delivery quality as simple text. 
Flexible Usage

Incredible Variety of Uses 

You can use the AutoSender Pro for personal usage such as a remote reminder for notifying or reminding your children, scheduling greetings for events like birthday, holidays and other important dates, or even something as simple as sending your significant other a romantic good morning message. It can also be great for business with the ability to create a group of contacts and send them all an individual message at the same future time, reminding clients of meetings, or ensuring you send any reports on time. With our feature to schedule picture messages as well as regular text messages, you can send even more personalized reminders/messages. 

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